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about us

It was years in the making, but one day we decided it was time to leave cubicle nation and the city behind. We quit our jobs, and moved to a small town with bungalows and parks and a simpler way of life. The boy and the dog loved it and we knew we were home.

In 2020 we will celebrate 15 years in our maker business. We couldn't have done it without you!

We are makers of memories… of adventures and adoptions, births, weddings and celebrations of a lifetime. Designing and fabricating map jewelry and home goods transcends the pieces themselves.

"Goods made and sold with love, from our town to yours."

thanks for stopping by,

xoSherry and Bob

TOWNARAMA™ is a division of sherry truitt studios

You can find Sherry's original map art at: www.sherrytruitt.net